Welcome! My research, conservation, and public engagement interests include multiple aspects of ecology. I’ve worked in both terrestrial and aquatic realms. My primary focus these days is stream ecology, including human-induced impacts to animals and ecosystem functioning. I value a holistic perspective, but I can’t answer ‘all the questions’ at once! I currently study stream ecosystems through the lens of freshwater mollusks. These highly sensitive invertebrates serve as models for understanding ecological processes and community interactions, and they are ‘aquatic canaries’ for consequences of contamination, urbanization, climate change, and other human impacts to freshwater systems. 

I’m currently pursuing research focused on quantifying pollutant-removal in surface waters by freshwater mussels (i.e., nature’s benefits!). Recent projects include investigating the influence of stream bed components on mussel thermal sensitivity, quantifying the effects of thermal stress on mussels ability to burrow, investigating the toxicity of aquatic herbicides (used for aquatic weed control) to freshwater mussels and snails, and evaluating the toxicity of sediment-borne pollution. 

Take a look around to learn about me and my research.  Thanks for visiting!

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